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I've been fascinated by aviation and all things aeronautical since I was too young to read an approach plate. For a time I spent more hours playing MS Flight Simulator on the VATSIM network than is probably healthy. Today I can while away hours in the departure lounge at an airport with a view of the runways and apron, LiveATC on my earphones, and FlightRadar24 in my hand.

Being a proud plane geek, I've always been disappointed in the kinds of t-shirts that are for sale in your average plane geek destination souvenir shop. They tend to be more "my mother went to Toulouse and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" than conversation starters with attractive designs. At avgeekchic we're out to change that. My wife and I take the things we know are cool and turn them into designs that any avgeek will be proud to wear. It's aeronautical engineering as wearable art.

Something for yourself? A gift for the plane-geek in your life? Love aviation? Prove it: wear it :-).

Gareth ◆ July 2016